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6.4 Quadrillion Reasons Why Baden’s New Custom Volleyball Program Beats The Competition

Posted by Matt Peterson on

Over the years, we’ve heard coaches give a lot of different reasons for not professionally customizing their volleyballs.

Starting today, there are no good ones left.

“The sky’s the limit,” said Matt Holm, Baden’s Vice President of Business Development, of the new custom program rolling out this week. “It’s really exciting.”

While ball manufacturers, including Baden, have been offering customization for years, the options available to coaches have long been limited by an overseas production process that requires long lead times and high minimum quantities. Coaches on a time crunch or with a small order have had to settle for post-production customization, such as pad printing or (worse) a felt-tip marker.

The new custom program changes that overnight. Having recently acquired the factory in the Dominican Republic where Baden game volleyballs have been manufactured for more than 25 years, we can now customize at the point of production, opening to coaches a world of design, color and layouts previously unavailable.

“We now control the complete production process, start to finish,” Holm said. “It’s a huge advantage.”

Customization at the point of production, where the ball’s panels are laid flat – as opposed to post-production, when the ball is inflated – allows for a greater range of options. Notably, bigger designs, debossed logos and foiled detailing. And that’s to say nothing of color. Each of a ball’s 18 panels could be a different color, if that’s what a coach desired, yielding more than 6.4 quadrillion potential combinations.

Equally important, because our factory is only 800 miles from the U.S., compared to about 8,000 miles for some competitors, lead times with our new custom program can be as short as 45 days – as opposed to the 90- to 120-day norm overseas – with minimum orders as low as six balls.

So there you have it: Shorter lead times. Lower minimum quantities. More options. Better prices.

And, now, no excuse.

Call 1-877-480-8183 or email to get started.

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