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Axe Hand-Eye Training Bats - 1.5" Barrel

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Meet The Best Hitting Skills Bat. 

NEW Hand-Eye 1.5” Barrel Trainers 

Make hitting easier.Fun,challenging, integral. Incorporating training with a 1.5" diameter bat into a player's regimen can lead to significant improvements in the precision, efficiency, and power, ultimately enhancing swing performance in games. 

Skills honed with a smaller barrel—like precision, focus, and swing mechanics—are directly transferable to game situations. Players can find that hitting with their game bat feels easier after practicing with a narrower barrel. This bat is arguably the best pound for pound value in hitting training. 

Built Like A Premium Game Bat. 

The Hand-Eye Trainer is built like a game bat. 1-piece premium alloy, but with a 1.5” precision skinny barrel. The bat can be hit with any ball type and is designed to be swung at full game-like bat-speeds. Pound for pound, there is no better value in skill training for the price. This is a bat you will have for a long time. 

Hits All Ball Types: All balls, Baseballs and Softballs 

Which Bat Should You Buy? 

Designed For All Hitters:All levels, Baseball, Fastpitch and Slowpitch 

Youth or Pro: Each bat is optimized for a specific range of hitter.  If you swing a youth 28”-31” game bat, then the Youth version is for you.  If you are a BBCOR, high school hitter, or swing a 32”-34” game bat, then the Pro version is for you. Buy with confidence. 

AXE SPECIAL TIP:If you are looking for an added challenge, buy both bats. The cross training of the two different bats will enhance your development and fun. 

Improved Swing Mechanics 

Swing Path Efficiency:The need to contact a smaller surface area encourages players to develop a more efficient swing path. Over time, this translates into a swing that is more likely to produce consistent contact during games. 

Barrel Control: Handling a bat with a thinner barrel can help players improve control over the bat's barrel, leading to hard contact more often. 

Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination 

Focus: The reduced surface area demands heightened concentration. Practicing with a thinner barrel encourages players to focus more intently on the ball, improving their ability to track and hit pitches accurately. 

Precision Hitting: Using a thinner barrel requires a player to hit the ball with greater precision. This fine-tunes hand-eye coordination, as making solid contact is more challenging but highly rewarding. 

Increased Bat Speed 

Quick Hands: To successfully hit with a smaller barrel, players often need to swing faster. This can lead to quicker hands and increased bat speed over time, as players adjust to hitting with a smaller surface area. 

Strength Development: Regular training with a smaller barrel can also encourage the development of the specific muscles used in swinging, increasing the player's strength and power. 

Fun, Confidence Builder 

Confidence Builder: Training with a fun, unique tool can boost confidence and increase enjoyment in practice. When players see improvement with the smaller barrel, they'll feel more confidence with their game bat. 


Youth 30" / 20 oz. 

Pro 33" / 30 oz.



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