SkilCoach Training Kit

Skilcoach Shooter's Training Basketball (Size)
Skilcoach Heavy Trainer Basketball (Size)


Elevate Your Skills with the SkilCoach Basketball Training Kit

Master the game of basketball with the SkilCoach Youth Basketball Training Kit, a comprehensive bundle designed to help young players train like the pros. This kit includes two essential basketballs that cater to different aspects of your training:

  1. SkilCoach Shooter's Training Basketball: Refine your shooting technique with the SkilCoach Shooter's Training Basketball. This ball features precise hand positioning guides that teach the correct shooting form, making it an ideal tool for shooters of all skill levels. The wound core guarantees maximum air retention and a true bounce. The hand graphics accommodate both left and right-handed shooters, allowing for comprehensive training. Perfect for indoor and outdoor training sessions.

  2. SkilCoach Heavy Trainer Basketball: Take your skills to the next level with the SkilCoach Heavy Trainer Basketball. Crafted for indoor and outdoor practice, this rubber trainer is designed to withstand rigorous training sessions. The heavy-duty rubber cover ensures durability during tough outdoor drills. By using the SkilCoach products in your training regimen, you'll fine-tune your fundamental skills, ensuring peak performance during games. Available in different sizes and weights, suitable for both indoor and outdoor training.

Enhance your basketball prowess with the SkilCoach Youth Basketball Training Kit. Whether you're working on shooting accuracy, building strength with the heavy trainer, or mastering all-around skills, this kit provides the tools you need to excel on the court. Get ready to elevate your game and dominate the competition.