Futsal Game Ball

Baden's Futsal Game Ball is ideal for withstanding the hard surfaces of indoor use. It is constructed to take on the toughest games and roughest players.



  • The Futsal Game Ball is hand-stitched for maximum durability with thicker PU cover material.
  • A butly rubber bladder provides maximum air retention and durability so the ball retains its shape and you won’t have to reinflate as often.
  • Our 4-ply lamination ensures that this ball can take on the toughest of games.
  • Approved by USFF (United States Futsal Federation).
  • For indoor Futsal play.
  • Model # S330LB (Size 3)


Size  Size 3
Play  Indoor, Futsal
Specialty  Game Ball
Series  Futsal
Construction  Hand Stitched

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