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About Us

Founded in 1979, Baden Sports (pronounced BAH-den) is a family-owned sporting goods company located in Renton, WA, just a little over 10 miles southeast of Seattle. Baden made itself known by becoming the first athletic ball manufacturer to produce the first women's basketball, adopted by the NCAA in 1984. This same drive for product innovation continues to fuel the business today.

Baden prides itself in having a PASSION FOR A BETTER GAME™, which means the company is obsessed with creating the perfect sports balls and accessories at every level of play. This extreme focus propels the decisions made in the structure and design of each product - from the bladder, to the valve stem, to the cover material. Baden pays attention to the details of every product, from the inside out. The player's perspective is kept at the forefront of Baden's mind, with the singular goal of improving the game itself. 

Below is an image dictating the company's vision statement, mission statement, and core values that continue to drive its employees.