Baseball BP Training Bundle

Axe Training Bats: One-hand and hand-eye trainer bats for improving swing mechanics and hand-eye coordination.

One Dozen Official League Flat Seam Baseballs: A-grade leather balls with collegiate flat seams for practice play.

Axe Bat One-Hand Training Bat (Size)
Axe Hand-Eye Trainer Bat (Select Bat)
2BBG Series - 1 dozen (League)

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Enhance your baseball practice with this premium training bundle, perfect for players at all levels. Begin with the One Dozen Official League Collegiate Flat Seam Baseballs, crafted with A-grade leather and engineered for the optimal performance during practice sessions. Complement your training with the Axe Bat One-Hand Training Bat, designed to fine-tune your hand-eye coordination and strengthen individual hand skills. Lastly, the Axe Hand-Eye Trainer Bat, available in sizes for both youth and pros, allows for focused improvement on bat path and contact precision. This trio of high-quality training equipment is essential for serious players aiming to perfect their game.