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QB1™ Leather Game Football

  • 79.99

  • Model #: F7000L-QB
  • Re-engineered leather for enhanced grip with a QB1 buckskin color
  • Improved Perfection­® pattern for a ball that practically spirals itself
  • To throw those deep bombs, you need the smallest possible ball. Our minimum size has less air resistance and lets your quarterback spin it faster for more distance and accuracy
  • Softer Sharkback Lace (because it has fins!) is super soft and allows the quarterback's fingers snap down with more force and no slipping
  • Trigger seams are slightly raised seams, providing a trigger at the last point of contact to allow the quarterback to achieve the most rotational velocity
  • 4-Ply liner
  • Official size - NFHS approved
  • Case pack of 12

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