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Baden x Athletes Unlimited: Elevating the Women's Game

March 20, 2024



Here at Baden Sports, we're buzzing with excitement to dive deeper into our partnership with Athletes Unlimited. This isn't just another announcement; it's a heart-to-heart about how two organizations, fueled by a love for the game, are coming together to lift women's basketball to new heights.

Athletes Unlimited, with its fresh take on sports, is shaking things up in the best way possible. Imagine a league where the game is all about the players—no fixed teams, no predictable seasons. Instead, every match is a new adventure, with top players stepping up as captains to draft their teams week by week. It's the kind of innovation that keeps fans glued to their seats, eagerly awaiting the next game.

For us at Baden, our partnership with Athletes Unlimited feels like coming home. Our commitment to quality and innovation has always been about more than just creating top-notch sports equipment; it's about supporting the athletes who use it. And when it comes to women's basketball, we're all in. From the early days of designing the women's sized basketball to now developing the all new AU Signature Gold Edition Game Ball, our goal has remained the same: to ensure the game is accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We are proud of the distinct new game ball that Athletes Unlimited helped inspire - this design was truly taken from direct player feedback, and we could not be happier to see it out on the court and in the hands of these Pro athletes. 

Stepping into the role of Official Ball Partner means we get to be right there on the court, in every pass, dribble, and shot. But our involvement doesn't stop at the game ball. Through initiatives like 'The Baden Assist,' we're helping players make a difference off the court too, by giving back to their communities. It's this blend of innovation, community, and a shared love for the game that makes our partnership with Athletes Unlimited something truly special.

This collaboration is more than just a business move; it's a nod to our roots and a step toward the future of women's basketball. Together with Athletes Unlimited, we're not just following the evolution of the sport; we're driving it, one game at a time. Here's to breaking boundaries, setting new standards, and, most of all, celebrating the incredible talent and spirit of women's basketball.


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