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Introducing the NEW Perfection Thermo Soccer Ball

June 23, 2021

Evolution revolves around the idea that things change over time. As humans have evolved so has the modern-day athlete. Just like the athlete, we believe the products they use should evolve as well. Over the past fourteen months we have been working tirelessly on creating a new soccer ball that puts world class performance, technology, and power at the athletes’ feet.

To understand where we have ended up, we must understand where we have been. Early soccer balls began as animal bladders or stomachs that easily fell apart when kicked enough. The first improvements came in the 19th century with the introduction of the rubber and discoveries of vulcanization by Charles Goodyear. In 1962 Eigil Nielsen built the first 32 panel ball design that has evolved into the balls that are used today. While there are now many different designs of soccer balls, we have taken it a step further with our new Perfection Thermo.


The New Perfection Thermo is guided by the philosophy that sports equipment should allow the talent of the athlete to dictate play, not the other way around. Using VOL Technology, Baden built a ball loaded with design features that let the athlete’s skills shine through. New panel configuration, thermo bonded technology, and VOL Technology tech make this a game changer.

Starting with VOL technology the new ball utilizes multiple aerodynamic attributes including a new panel configuration. The ideal ball would have no seams, but that is impossible to produce with good surface quality.  The new panel configuration accomplishes the next best thing, reducing the linear seam length. This allows the athlete to strike with confidence, pass with precision and get a touch that you cannot find anywhere else. 

Thermo Hero

Additionally, we continue to use our Thermo Bonded Technology. The thermally fused polyurethane cover material is paired with an elastic foam backing to retain shape and maintain softness for injury prevention, durability, and striking.

The new Perfection Thermo is our next evolution of the soccer ball and is influenced by the modern athlete. It is driven by understanding the desires and styles of the players in the game, and the science behind the ball’s performance attributes, we built a ball loaded with design features that let the athlete’s skills come through. 


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