Perfection Thermo Soccer Ball

The newest addition to our soccer product line is our first match-level thermal bonded soccer ball. The panels are sealed together to minimize water absorption to avoid misshaped, water logged balls.


  • A seamless thermal-bonded surface repels water and mud to create consistency in any conditions no matter what mother nature has in store.
  • Say goodbye to tearing seams, ragged covers and balls going out-of-round. The Perfection Thermo's seamless construction ensures a highly durable ball with superior air retention.
  • The thermally fused polyurethane cover material is paired with an elastic foam backing to retain shape and maintain softness for injury prevention and striking.
  • The textured cover material provides truer flight for better accuracy.
  • A specially engineered high-rebound rubber butyl bladder provides maximum air retention and durability so the ball retains it’s shape and you won’t have to reinflate as often. 
  • Approved by NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations)
  • For outdoor play. 
  • We offer an exclusive 2 year warranty on the Perfection Thermo Soccer Ball when purchased directly from Baden Sports.
  • Model # ST7


Size  Size 5
Play  Outdoor
Specialty  Game Ball
Series  Perfection, Thermo
Construction  Thermal Bonded

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