Skilcoach Heavysetter Volleyball

Develop strength and the proper setting technique with the Skilcoach Heavysetter Volleyball. Weighing in at 17 oz., this volleyball helps to build muscle memory for setters to make setting in a game easier.

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  • The Skilcoach Heavysetter Volleyball is 8 oz. heavier than a standard volleyball to build arm, wrist, and finger strength for players looking for an advantage.
  • The composite cover looks and feels like a game volleyball giving you a truer training experience. 
  • Weight: 15-17 oz. 
  • For indoor training. 
  • Model # VXT4-02A


Size  Official
Play  Indoor
Age  College, 18U-14U
Specialty  Training
Series  Skilcoach
Material  Composite
Construction  Machine Stitched