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Lexum® Microfiber Volleyball

  • 39.99

  • Model #: VX450 / VX450C
  • SOFT-TOUCH FEEL: Arms are spared with an exceptional microfiber cover.  This long-lasting, soft cover pairs with ideal tack for maximum control, making the Lexum an excellent choice for any player.
  • DURABILITY THAT DOMINATES: The Lexum is built to last. A cotton-wrapped butyl bladder ensures shape retention and longevity while providing optimal performance and air retention. 
  • STING FREE VALVE: Hit any part of the Lexum and you're guaranteed the same, soft feel every time. By minimizing and softening the valve system, it's completely undetectable during play.
  • 2-year warranty
  • NFHS approved (except Multi-colored VX450C-200)
  • Prefer to ship in case pack(s) of 6
  • Price is per ball

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