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8 Fun and Simple Activities To Do from Home

March 18, 2020

At Baden Sports, we root ourselves in the belief that play is of utmost importance  for people of all ages, and we can provide every person out there with the medium to achieve it. With the impacts of COVID-19 we stand by our belief that play remains a priority in your daily lives. While starting any “routine” may seem difficult in times like this, don’t forget to dedicate time for play, make it your own, have a laugh, and don’t be afraid to break a sweat. Take a look at what we think are 8 fun drills that require nothing more than a few trinkets from around the house, and a ball.


1. Ten-yard Dribbling Drill
Product needed: Soccer ball and cones (rocks, soda cans, or anything that mimics a cone) 
How To: From your house, or out in the yard, find 5 "cones" that are big enough to be easily spotted. Space the items you’ve chosen 2 feet apart, in a straight line. Starting at one end of the line, using small taps with the inside of your foot, weave your way in and out of the cones until you reach the end. Using the same foot, the entire way through. Circle the last cone (while continuing to dribble), and with the other foot, weave your way back through until you’re back at the finish line.
Focus: This simple drill focuses on ball control. Slow down and take the time to focus on every single touch, and soon you’ll be able to work your way through defenders with ease!

Looking for more ideas on at-home soccer tricks and drills? Check out Moalific on Instagram: 


2. Volleyball Sets
Product Needed: Volleyball, or light weight ball
How To: standing with your feet shoulder width apart, get into the passing position, and set the ball straight up in the air to yourself. Continue to set the ball off your fingertips, and don’t let it touch the ground! Count to see how many passes in a row you can get before your arms get tired, or the ball hits the ground.
Focus: To work on maintaining control of the pass, try to keep your feet stationary. After you get the hang of it, you can try moving side to side as you hit the ball up into the air.

For more at home volleyball drills, our friends at Art of Coaching have set-up at home video tutorials for every level of player.

3. Wall Ball
Product needed: Ball of your choice
How To: Start by finding a sturdy wall, with a roughly consistent face throughout. For example, a concrete wall at a nearby school works great.  Stand back from the wall and strike or toss the ball at the wall in front of you. As the ball comes back, be prepared to return the “pass” back to the wall. This will help with striking, accuracy, and hand eye coordination. Looking for a challenge? Use your opposite foot, or less dominate hand, or try to spin before the ball returns to you.
Focus: This drill practices first touches, accuracy, and anticipating passes from your teammates coming from all different directions. With the unknown of where the ball will hit off the wall, it practices learning to control the ball no matter where it comes from.

4. Figure 8's 
Product Needed: Basketball  and a solid wall
How To: Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, slowly weave the ball in and out of your legs in a figure 8 fashion. After each full circle, do a chest pass against a concrete wall, and upon catching the ball, go straight into another figure eight. Continue until you’re able to pick up speed!
Focus: This drill works on hand eye coordination, and quick passing off the move.

For more dribbling drills follow our friend AJ Rompza on Instagram. 


Product Needed: Play Impossible Game Ball
How To: The play impossible game ball is an active game system that gets you moving, laughing, and showing off your skills with a smart ball that connects to your IOS device, Apple TV or select Android devices. Download the free app and test your skills. The app comes pre-loaded with single and multiplayers games that test your airtime, RPM’s, and ball skills. There are enough challenges to keep your whole family entertained!
Focus: The Play Impossible game ball focuses on your hand-eye coordination, agility, and creative thinking!   

Get yours TODAY for 40% off! 

6. Kick the Can
Product Needed: Backyard Ball/Soccer Ball
How To: Place a can or bottle five feet in front of you, standing it upright. Pick a starting point 5 feet away from the ball and strike the ball to try and knock the can over. Each time you successfully knock the object over, continue to move farther and farther back, increasing the difficulty.
Focus: With this drill, we’re working on passing accuracy, so during game play you have a more confident pass down field to your teammate.

7. On the Run!
Product Needed: Ball of your choice and an open field or court!
How To: Whether you’re on the grass, sidewalk, or neighborhood court, cardiovascular health is important! For this drill, pick your favorite type of ball, and choose the playing field accordingly. If you’re playing in the grass, start at one end, and dribble the ball as quickly as you can to the other end of the field, and back. If you’re on the basketball court, run as fast as you can maintaining a dribble.
Focus: Getting your heart rate up and fresh air in your lungs! Quick movements with the ball help you with ball control. Try to keep a consistent dribble on the basketball, or consistent and controlled touches if you’re kicking the soccer ball down field.

8. Harlem Globetrotter Dribbling Tricks + Trick Shots!
Product Needed: Basketball
How To: Let’s take a trick from the Harlem Globetrotters. Check out the link below for fun, easy at home dribbling tricks that you can do at home, with nothing more than a ball!
Focus: HAVE FUN!!! 

There are endless ways to stay occupied, and sharpen your skills while stuck at home, so let’s get out there and take advantage of it. All it takes to play is some space and a ball, and our team at Baden has you covered! Show us how you play at home using the #PlayBaden

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