Recess In Your Backyard

March 24, 2020

It’s no secret that kids today are spending more time indoors. It’s easy to get sucked in by television, smartphones, video games, and other digital mediums that can be consumed straight from the couch. However, too much time in front of a screen can affect their overall health. On the flip side, getting up off the couch and playing outside fosters both physical and mental well-being and development. From dribbling a ball to a friendly competition, exposure to outdoor play can help build essential problem-solving and social skills. Plus, it’s fun!  

While some kids may take to organized sports such as basketball, soccer, or other activities. We recognize that not all children are the same. We believe that Baden Backyard Games are the perfect way to help kids develop, build self-confidence and enjoy themselves in the process. Additionally: 

  • They're simple to set up. Ready for instant fun. 
  • Kid Tough - Lifetime Warranty 
  • Fun For All Ages 

If you're looking for activities to get the kids outside, have “recess” in the backyard and off the couch. Below are 5 lessons that your kids can learn from backyard games.  

  1. Free Play and Flexibility  

Everyone leads a busy life. Having the option of backyard games gives kids the opportunity to get outside whenever they want. Additionally, they’re free to modify or change the rules of the game as they wish. This gives them the opportunity to be creative and enjoy the game their way. Take our Croquet Set  for example. Kids can get creative and utilize the set by changing and creating new courses, with the wickets and terrain in fun and interesting ways, leading to continued fun over hours, days and weeks!   

  1. Bonding Over Bags

While many games can be played individually, they’re always more fun with friends and siblings. Plus, with the game in your backyard, it can help your kid relate and interact with others on their own “home-court”. Through playing with others, it helps kids enhance social development and build social skills. Additionally, they can learn self-control, patience and how to encourage others. While many backyard games encourage socialization, Cornhole  is a great option and an easy one for everyone to play.   

Bring the Beach to Your Backyard: 

  1. Learn Strategy + Get Creative Along the Way 

Many backyard games have the advantage of teaching kids about planning ahead and strategy. Grab our Giant Tumbling Blocks  and teach them about looking ahead to the next move and how to strategically place them on the tower as it gets taller. This provides lessons in building and physics. However, if your kid isn’t into building a tower, the blocks can be utilized in a plethora of other ways allowing your kids to have a fun day outside. 

  1. Improves Hand Eye Coordination  

Engaging in backyard games can help kids develop their fine motor skills and improve hand eye coordination. A Badminton Set  does a great job teaching agility, coordination, and balance.  Additionally, kids can play with or without the net to improve their game. 

  1. Reduces Stress

While any backyard game can keep kids active, Bocce  is a great game that allows kids to slow down, settle into rhythmic breathing, and concentrate on a fun activity that promotes self-awareness and focus. Additionally, being in the fresh air and sunshine can naturally provide them with much needed Vitamin D 

Bocce Set

With busy schedules, uncertainty, and crazy lives, kids deserve an opportunity to grow and learn at their own pace. Backyard games offer them an educational opportunity to do so. Plus, it’s fun for everyone!  

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