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Pickleball: How To Keep Score

January 14, 2022

The two simple rules are:
  • The score goes to 11 and you have to win by 2.
  • You can only score a point on your teams serve.

Before the start of each rally the server says the score of the game. The server says their score first, followed by receiving player/teams score and lastly the server number (either 1 or 2). So, for example let’s say Jimmy and Tina are on a team against Johnny and Carol. Carol and Johnnys score is 4 while Tina and Jimmy have 3. Johnny is serving and he is the second server. So, before Johnny starts the rally, he would say 4-3-2.

To remember how to score some people like the method of: “me, you, who”. (My score, your score, who is serving).

You score a point if on your serve the opposing team does any of these faults:

  • Volleys before the double bounce rule occurs
  • Volleys from the non-volley zone
  • The ball does not clear the net
  • The ball is hit out of bounds

Last fault applies to a fault on the serving team only so this would not result in a point, rather a switch in what player is serving or what team is serving.

  • The ball touches any of the non-volley zone on the serve, the lines are a part of this zone. We can figure out the non-volley zone in 2022, but not a catch in the NFL isn’t that crazy!

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