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The Ball With a Brain

April 14, 2020

At Baden, we believe that the ball is a conduit to play. Balls give people freedom, happiness and a good time. Add in 21st century technology and you’ve got the Play Impossible Gameball. Equipped with Bluetooth Technology the Gameball can track speed, spin, height and so much more of every throw, catch, toss, and tap right from your smart device. Connect to any smart phone or tablet that has Bluetooth capabilities. Add all this together and you get both an amazing ball that challenges your brain and your body.

The Play Impossible system comes with ten free games that emphasize physical play, hand-eye, coordination, agility and creative thinking. Check out our five favorites: 

1. Impossible: Complete unique challenges, earning stars for precision, and become a Gameball master. Unlock stages and open new worlds with bigger and more difficult challenges.

2. Hot Taters: A playground classic, this is modern day hot potato. Don’t get caught holding the ball or you’ll get “burnt” (not really… but you get the point). Be the last play in to win the game. You can also play with a room full of people or just you and a friend.

3. Skyscraper: How high can you toss the Gameball? Don’t toss it to high or it won’t count. This game is a race against the clock. Each time you’re attempting to reach the “target” height. Sounds simple but it’s extremely difficult. As you get better the height continues to rise. A blast both in-doors and outdoor. Each height unlocks a new level, how high can you go?

4. Rally: A simple game, but an absolute blast. Keep the Gameball up with taps, hits, volleys, without catching or dropping it. How long can you keep the streak alive?

5. Sports Labs: Sports Labs is an incredible way to learn while you play. Consider this game more like freeplay science mode! Explore what your Gameball can do. Toss it and study the physics behind the ball. Download your data to a spreadsheet if you so choose. Great for kids hanging at home and looking for a way to learn. Using Sports labs you can develop both a kinesthetic and analytical understanding of fundamental physics principles while playing with the ball.

The Play Impossible Gameball is a one-of-a-kind take on your traditional ball that provides endless hours of entertainment, education, fun, and activity. Grab yours today!

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