What Size Basketball Should I Buy?

June 01, 2018

Picking the right size basketball is important to prevent injury and ensure a great playing experience. So, what size basketball should you buy? 


Age and Gender Basketball Size


Ages 9-11

Size 5

Women and girls age 12 and up
Boys ages 12-14

Women’s Official Size
Boy’s Intermediate
Size 6

Men age 15 and up

Men’s Official Size
Size 7

Players ages 9 to 11 should use a youth basketball (27.5"). It's important that young kids have the correct size ball for their size, strength and ability. If they have a ball that's too big or too heavy, they are more prone to injuries and won't have fun or success learning to play basketball. 

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Women/girls age 12 and up and boys ages 12 to 14
should play with a 28.5” basketball.

Baden was actually the first basketball manufacturer to produce a 28.5” ball specifically for women. Baden founders, E.C. and Michael Schindler, recognized that the 29.5” ball wasn't ideal for a women’s game. They perfected the size and weight of the 28.5” ball just for women starting with college basketball. 
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Men age 15 and up
 should play with an Official Size (29.5”) basketball. At age 15, men now have the required strength, skill, and size to handle the largest size basketball.

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