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Behind the Ball: Indoor Soccer Ball

January 15, 2019

Baden Sports is excited to announce the launch of the only indoor soccer-specific ball on the market. After rigorous testing with professional indoor soccer leagues, Baden has finely tuned this ball for optimal indoor soccer play.

Indoor Soccer Ball

We chat with Grayson Williams-Krebs, Baden Product Manager, to find out a little more about the Indoor Soccer Ball.

So, first of all, why an indoor soccer ball?
Indoor soccer participation is on the rise. As it grows, more indoor facilities and players have been asking for a ball that is designed specifically for their game. I think people think indoor and outdoor soccer are one in the same, but in reality their game demands different qualities of a ball.

What makes the requirements different for indoor soccer?
Indoor soccer is played on a smaller turf field enclosed with walls; this type of play demands short passes, quick movements, and use of the side walls. This means the ball needs to have a lively response for passes, and withstand the heat and pressure of the turf and side wall impact.

How did you determine what qualities the ball needed for indoor soccer players?
We became obsessed with the wants and needs of indoor soccer facilities and players to design a ball they deserve. We tested the ball with our local professional indoor soccer team, the Tacoma Stars, for an entire season to fine-tune the ball. More than a year later, we are excited to give players a ball that not only plays well during the indoor game but also holds up.
ST5A Indoor Soccer Ball
What Makes the Indoor Soccer Ball Different from Regular Outdoor Soccer Balls?


Cover Retains Appearance:  The specially engineered glossy cover material is designed to maintain its appearance play after play on indoor soccer turf unlike standard outdoor soccer balls.

Extra-Durable and Retains Air: A reinforced rubber bladder provides maximum air retention and durability designed specifically for tough indoor soccer play.

Lively Response: Foam backing layer provides lively response that indoor soccer play demands.

Baden Sports offers an exclusive 1 year warranty on the Indoor Soccer Ball when purchased directly from Baden Sports.

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