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Behind the Ball: Beach Elite Volleyball

January 15, 2019

Baden Sports is excited to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Beach Elite Volleyball. Made for competitive outdoor play, it features a perfected seam height for optimal aerodynamics and consistency, and a soft but durable cover to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Beach Elite Volleyball

We chat with Grayson Williams-Krebs, Baden Product Manager, to find out a little more about the Beach Elite Volleyball.

So, first of all, why would players choose the Beach Elite?

Before the Beach Elite, the beach industry had two very different balls, and players had to alter their game to meet the functionality of the ball they were using; however, now with the Beach Elite, players dictate the play, not the ball.

What makes this volleyball different from the other two on the market?

We combined and perfected the raised seam height of one with the panel shape and configuration of the other. We also added graphics that helps with visibility in the sun and wind. We then engineered a soft and durable cover material that our players not only love the feel of but also holds up against harsh outdoor conditions.

How did you determine what qualities the ball needed? How did you test it?

Every aspect of this ball was thoroughly researched and tested. We worked with the world’s best beach players to fine-tune the qualities of this ball, going through numerous rounds of samples. We'd tweak different aspects of the ball after each testing round based on player feedback, then go back out to the field. We had to translate our players feedback into qualities of the ball. For example, if a player said it felt too hard, we manipulated the bladder and the cover material to give it a softer feel. It took time, but the result is a new beach volleyball that players are really excited about.


Beach Elite Volleyball


What Makes the Beach Elite Volleyball stand out from the others?

Soft, Durable Cover: The engineered composite cover is soft, yet durable, crafted specifically for beach volleyball players.

Optimal Control and Flight: Slightly raised hand-sewn seams provide the perfect height for optimal aerodynamics and control during play.

Highly Visible: Contrasting panel colors provide better tracking along with neon highlights for higher visibility in different light conditions.

Stands up to Damp Weather: Retains weight and shape even in damp outdoor conditions.

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