Elite Game Basketball with SMART INFL8 Electric Ball Pump

Elite Game Basketball (Size)


Elite Game Basketball: Experience unparalleled performance with the Elite Game Basketball, crafted for college, high school, and club men's and women's basketball gameplay. The advanced microfiber leather cover strikes the ideal balance between tackiness and softness, guaranteeing optimal playability. Stay in control even during intense matches, as the moisture-resistant material preserves your grip on the ball.

Cushion Control Technology infuses every dribble and pass with an extra layer of cushioning, granting this Baden basketball a softer touch, truer bounce, and extended lifespan. The stealthy recessed valve ensures a seamless playing experience, enhancing your connection to the ball's surface. Its symmetrical panel construction offers uniformity, providing an even feel and consistent bounce across the entire court.

Make it uniquely yours by personalizing the ball with your name or your player's name, etched through precision laser engraving. Approved by the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations), this basketball is tailored for indoor play and comes backed by an exclusive 1-year warranty when purchased directly from Baden Sports.

SMART INFL8 Electric Ball Pump: Introducing the SMART INFL8 Electric Ball Pump, the ultimate companion to maintain your Elite Game Basketball's performance. Its digital LCD display ensures precise pressure control, while the automatic inflation feature guarantees accuracy without the fuss. Navigate effortlessly even in low-light conditions, thanks to the built-in LED flashlight.

Set your desired air pressure with the preset function, and experience the convenience of low-noise inflation. Recharge the pump using the included USB cable, ensuring you're always ready for action. The comprehensive package includes the Smart Ball Pump, USB Cable, Ball Inflation Needles, Air Hose, Swim Ring Nozzle, User Manual, and a Carrying Bag.

Indulge in perfection on the court and streamline your preparation with the Elite Game Basketball and SMART INFL8 Electric Ball Pump combo. Dominate the game with precision, style, and ease – an absolute essential for every dedicated player.

Package Includes:

  • Elite Game Basketball
  • SMART INFL8 Electric Ball Pump
  • USB Cable
  • Ball Inflation Needle (2)
  • 10cm Air Hose
  • Swim Ring Nozzle
  • User Manual
  • Carrying Bag