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What Size Volleyball Should I Buy?

October 24, 2018

It all starts with the ball. Choosing the right size volleyball is important to prevent injury and ensure a great playing experience. So, what size volleyball should you buy?



Age Volleyball Size
Ages 8 and under

Oversized & Lightweight

Ages 8-12

Official Size & Lightweight

Ages 13 and up

Official Size & Official Weight

Players ages 8 and under should use an oversized lightweight ball. It’s critical we give younger players the right size ball. If we give them a ball that is too heavy for their shoulder and arms or a ball not big enough to help with their hand/eye coordination, they are more prone to injuries and won’t have the success of passing and getting the ball over the net. We want to make sure to create a fun environment for these beginners!

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Players ages 8-12 should use an official size lightweight ball. At age 8, kids graduate from an oversized to an official size ball because of their developed hand/eye coordination and knowledge for the game. At this age, they still are developing their strength, so a lightweight ball is needed to avoid injuries and encourage success.

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Players ages 12 and up can use an official size and weight volleyball. At age 12, players have the required strength, skill, and size to handle the official size and weight.

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