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Featherlite Training Baseballs-1 dozen

Hit as hard as you can without running down fly balls. The patented seams and lighter weight allow players to train with more reps without causing major wear and tear your body.


 Elevate Your Athlete's Potential with Featherlite Training Baseballs! 

Are you ready to take your athlete's training to the next level? Look no further than Featherlite Training Baseballs – the ultimate training companion that offers a host of unbeatable advantages:
**Bat-Friendly Build:** Bid adieu to worries about broken bats! Featherlite Training Baseballs are expertly crafted to withstand endless swings, ensuring your athlete's favorite bats remain unscathed while they refine their skills.

**Unleash Unwavering Confidence:** Wave goodbye to the sting of impact and welcome unshakeable confidence! With Featherlite Training Baseballs, your athlete can unleash powerful swings without the fear of discomfort holding them back.

**Master the Art of Off-Speed Pitches:** Transform your athletes into off-speed virtuosos! Engineered with a carefully calibrated weight and innovative dimple design, our balls generate remarkable spin rates, perfectly emulating big league off-speed pitches including jaw-dropping curves and deceptive changeups.
**Train in Silence:** Train without noise, anywhere, anytime. Featherlite Training Baseballs ensure quiet practice sessions, erasing the clamor that usually accompanies regular hitting exercises.

**Replicate Game-Like Conditions:** Experience the authentic sensation of game balls through realistic red seams. Enhance your athlete's focus and prep them for actual game scenarios with every single swing.

**Holistic Training Solution:** Featherlite Training Baseballs aren't solely for hitting practice. Elevate defensive prowess with smooth transitions from throwing to catching, making them an indispensable tool for comprehensive training.

**Expedite Improvement:** Propel your athlete's progress by refining defensive aptitude and swiftly getting them back into the batting rotation. Featherlite Training Baseballs seamlessly integrate the process of achieving three outs, making training a breeze.

Don't miss this chance to revolutionize your athlete's training regimen. Elevate their performance with Featherlite Training Baseballs and witness an unprecedented transformation!
  • Limited flight lightweight pitching machine baseball. 
  • Genuine baseball look trains your eye for the real pitch.
  • Patented inset seams protect seam color from wearing off. 
  • Great for training and youth.
  • Size 9"
  • Weight: 1.5 oz.
  • Sold in dozens. 
  • Model # SBBR


Play  Indoor/Outdoor
Specialty  Training, Practice
Series  Featherlite
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