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Prediction Absolutgrip SC




ABSOLUTGRIP is our high-performance foam all-rounder. The patented latex compound offers you the optimal balance between the best possible grip and abrasion resistance. It delivers to its full potential in dryweather, but doesn't let you down in wet conditions either. With this grip, you'll be ready for any situation.



Ultimate Precision: Experience a direct feel for the ball and a skin- tight fit with SKIN. The unique and specially designed finger cut construction, combined with the latex wrap application, provides you with a comfortable wearing sensation while ensuring an optimal catching surface. This translates to maximum agility and highest control for you.


Dual Fix System:

This innovative closure technology with a wing-like structure ensures gloves are fixed perfectly in place and gives the keeper maximum flexibility as well as stability. The ends of the tab closures, as well an additional tab on the cuff, make opening and closing the gloves easier so they are easier to put on.



The backs of the hands made of synthetic rubber provide optimum flexibility in the body of the hand and a highly comfortable fit thanks to the material’s high stretchability.


Ultimate Contact:

The foam wraps around the edge of the hand and increases the ball contact area. The foam pulls up on the inside of the index finger and little finger to give maximum grip when catching. This gives you even more control – no matter how the ball comes at you.



3D embossed functional zone in the fist area ensures optimum flexibility and control in all situations.



3D embossing on the foam ensures maximum flexibility.


Flex Entry:

The stretchy opening will give you unprecedented levels of comfort. The material wraps smoothly around the wrists and allows perfect flexibility while the gloves are on.


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