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Axe Power Trainer Bat - Youth, Pro



NEW Axe Power Trainer Bats 

The Power Trainer is uniquely designed to improve swing mechanics, increase bat speed and boost major power.                        

Axe Power Trainer - Youth  30”    2-5/8”   30 oz.    Alloy   Axe Puck Knob ** 

Axe Power Trainer - Pro      33”    2-5/8”    40 oz.   Alloy  Axe Puck Knob ** 

** w/ +5oz. Weighted Training Axe Puck Knob 

Which Power Trainer Is For You?  

  • PRO - 33" - If you are swinging a BBCOR bat, or a high school or college player, the Pro 33" Power Trainer bat is for you.  
  • YOUTH - 30" -If you are a youth player swinging a 28"-31" youth game bat, or a USA or USSSA player,the Youth 30" Power Trainer bat is for you. 

About Axe Power Trainers


The Power Trainer is uniquely designed to improve swing mechanics. This promotes proper swing development and helps in developing muscle memory for a compact, powerful swing. The bat is heavy enough to help hitters improve swing mechanics, yet light enough to avoid compromising swing mechanics. Swinging with too heavy of a bat will make you swing worse. The Power Trainer fixes that. 


The Power Trainers design focuses on an optimal Moment of Inertia (MOI), allowing for a 20% increase in MOI compared to the actual swing weights of game bats. Other heavy bats put crazy excessive heavy of weight above the hands that negatively prohibits long-term bat speed growth and develops swing path.  Our design puts 22% of the weight below the hands in our weighted training Axe Puck Knob. This allows hitters to get all the benefits of Power Training, which will still help hitters swing faster and not hurt swing mechanics development. 


The Power Trainer strengthens the muscles used in swinging, notably in the hands, forearms, shoulders, and core. This enhanced muscle strength translates directly into more powerful hits, as you're able to generate greater force upon contact with the ball. Better put, Because of the perfectly added weight, the Power Trainer develops functional strength and trains the body to move more efficiently than any other on the market. 


Bat speed training is all about learning to turn your body faster. The faster you can train your body, the faster your body will learn to swing in a game.1 mph of bat speed increase = 7 feet of additional hit distance.By training with the Power Trainer, which is intentionally heavier in specific areas, players learn to swing faster and to maintain control. The body adapts to the effort required to swing the heavier Power Trainer bat, so when the player switches back to a standard bat, they can swing it faster with the same amount of effort. 


The Power Trainer is designed for both on-field hitting practice and off-field strength training, making it the most versatile tool in a player's development arsenal. Crafted to withstand the rigors of intense training sessions, the Power Trainer boasts a robust construction. Its one-piece alloy and composite design ensure both strength and durability, making it a reliable tool for long-term development. Works with all  


The unique design offers instant feedback on swings. If a player doesn't swing correctly, the bat's weight distribution makes it challenging to control, encouraging quick adjustments and fostering a quicker learning curve. 


Baseballs, Softballs, Bomb Balls, you name it. The Power Trainer is designed to hit any game ball or training ball you want to hit with. 

Why Axe Power Trainers?

The Importance of Swinging The Bat Fast

Driveline Baseball - Swinging the bat fast is vital because it determines how hard you’ll be able to hit the baseball (in other words, your exit velocity). Exit velocity is essential because harder-hit balls have a higher probability of success. The reasons higher exit velocities are more productive are: 

  • If a ball is hit harder, then there is less time for the defense to react and make a play 
  • Higher exit velocities lead to farther-hit fly balls. The math works like this for fly balls: 
  • One mph of bat speed = 1.2 mph of exit velocity = 7 ft of distance  

Why Is The Axe Power Trainer Better?   

Driveline Baseball- It helps to think of heavier weights as weightlifting for your swing—we are improving your specific strength and using the specificity of hitting a ball with a bat to get the most transfer out of our training. Additionally, overload can provide us with the opportunity to make positive movement changes.  

When the intent is to move the bat fast, our brain tells our body to be more efficient by recruiting larger, stronger muscle groups to swing the bat. This can also improve sequencing, as the brain tells our body to start transferring energy more efficiently because of the reaction to the heavy bat and the directive to move that bat fast. 

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  • 120 Day Warranty



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