Perfection Team Issue

The Perfection Team Issue Leather Game Football is the perfect size for spirals, the ideal shape for game winning catches, and the best feel for extra points.

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  • The Perfection Team Issue Game Football is built with full-grain, natural leather for enhanced grip in any weather. 
  • The Perfection Team Issues shape is ideal for hand placement and allows the QB to throw farther, more accurately and with greater velocity. 
  • The lace technology increases the ball's spin rate for more accuracy.  
  • Trigger seams are slightly raised seams, providing a trigger at the last point of contact to allow the quarterback to achieve the most rotational velocity.
  • Approved by NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations)
  • We offer an exclusive 1 year warranty on the Perfection Team Issue Game Football when purchased directly from Baden Sports. 
  • For indoor or outdoor play. 
  • Model # F7000L-TI-01


Size  Official
Play  Indoor/Outdoor
Specialty  Game Ball
Series  Perfection
Material  Leather